Dare to Dream

Storytelling is the most universal method of sharing and interpreting experiences. A few months ago, we at AHAA realized something – the amount of stories our Associates share with us can, well, fill a book. But instead of doing that, we're going to handpick a few stories from those who dared to dream, and share them in a unique way.

Yes, the door is a metaphor. And no, it's not 3-D, nor does it have something hiding behind it that came from a big budget.

You'll soon realize that these doors are more about what they open to rather than what they hide.

The stories you read - each about how practice owners arrived at successful outcomes to difficult situations - are what truly deserve your focus. Yes, they'll end with the Associate at least having the prospect of selling a lot of units…but you'll notice that those types of victories aren't the most celebrated ones shared.

What's the point? You are.

We want you to see yourself in these stories. Relate to them on a personal level. We want YOU to explore YOUR dreams.

What do you say?

Do you dare?

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